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On this page we would like to introduce ourself and of course our Cairn Terriers. We are a small Cairn Terrier kennel situated in Hungary and we only breed with health tested dogs. Please feel free to look around and if you have any suggestions or questions, do not hesitate to contact us. How we came to the Cairn Terrier. Yes that's something very different than a great Dane. Rethinking was announced. West Highland Terrier were already in the family, but somehow it wasn't based on big sympathy. Suddenly, a Cairn Terrier showed up in the life of my sister. She almost always had English Bulldogs, but she was     searching for a healthier dog, which was small and fond of children. Her vet said: "if you are looking for a very healthy one then look for Cairn Terriers". She did and finally Ricard came. Which was indeed so sweet and naughty! Although I always was and am a friend of big dogs, I liked the Cairns immediately. We began with the research, because we didn't want to rush anything and it needed to be compatible with us. Again and again, we came back to the Cairn TERRIER. The advantages of Cairn Terrier were for us: Extremely healthy breed, originally, robust, small, No fashion doll and very fond of children. We keep our dogs (Great Danes , East European Shepherds and Cairn Terriers) in the house.  If we sell our puppies, they will be vaccinated, chipped get their papers from the Hungarian MEOE (FCI), a starter package, the parents are Livershunt and eye tested and will get an international blue passport. Our dogs can run and play in our garden wich has 1,8 Ha. They are familiar with cats. Every potential buyer can come (after appointment) to see our farm and look how our animals live. We also have a guest room, so If you would like to buy a puppy you don‘t have to search a hotel for the night
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Cairn Terrier
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We coeur de lion d'hongie FCI registered No. 667/08  Here you are at the right address. Xenia Blem (Moser) and Volker Blem, who have been breeding for more than 12 years, are competent/experienced breeders of VEOs Vostochno Evropeiskaya, Ovcharka, Oost Europese Herdershonden, Eastern European Shepherd Dog, Kelet Európai Juhászkutya, Berger de l'est d'europe, Cairn Terrier and formerly also Great Dane.  We are at your disposal for any questions or suggestions.