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What is a Cairn Terrier? The ancestors of the Cairn Terrier were Scottish hunting terrier, which were scheduled to hunt for Fox and Badger. The Cairn Terrier is one of Scotland's oldest terrier In the early days of breeding of this breed, white animals from the litters were often registered as the West Highland White Terrier, which is why the Cairn Terrier played a major role in the breeding of this breed. Others were registered as the Scottish Terrier, most before 1910 as a short-haired Skye terrier. The origins of the breeding lie on Scottish side island, the dog "Callamhor" by Alastair Campeil from Ardrishaig was 1907 the first registered Cairn Terrier, from (Wikipedia) of the, as well as their Cairn terrier "Cuillean Bhan" and "Roy Mhor", as a short-haired Skye terrier on The Crufts was issued. Alastair Campeil is considered the founder of the breeding of the modern Cairn Terriers. In 1909, the first Cairn Terrier was shown at a dog show and in the same year a Cairn Terrier club was founded in Scotland. 1911 a first breed standard was set up, 1912 the Cairn terrier got its own register at the Kennel Club. In 1910, the dogs previously registered as a short-haired Skye Terrier had been registered as the Cairn Terrier. At the beginning of the 1920s the first Cairn Terrier came to Switzerland, at the end of the decade to Germany. The Cairn Terrier is a small dog, about 28 to 31 cm tall and 6 to 7.5 kg. The "Double" fur is adapted to the weather: lush, harsh but not wiry outer coat with thick undercoat in the colours cream, wheat, red, grey or almost black. The fur can be current, the colors pure black, pure white and black with Loh are not allowed. The ears are small, pointed, upright and well worn. This compact, low dog is suitable as a companion dog, is a brash rat hunter and an adaptable domestic dog. The cairn is friendly and temperamental as well as self-confident and fearless. Like many terrier breeds, it is also an ideal family dog. As a descendant of the old Scottish hunting terrier, however, he has a distinct hunting passion and can sometimes be stubborn like all terriers, from personal experience I can sing a song about it. Here's a link: to Wikipedia.
Cairn Terrier
Cairn Terrier
Cairn Terrier puppy
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