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When our puppies leave the house...
                                Pet Passport - Állat útlevele - EU-Heimtierausweis                                           Without lamination AND registration number on the frontpage, the passport is not valid and might be a fake!                                                Zonder laminatie en registrtatienummer op de voorpagina is het paspoort niet geldig en dus namaak!
Before our puppies leave the house,  1. Examination of the pups by an official veterinarian 2. All necessary vaccinations of puppies  3. At least 4 times wormed 4. Chipped! Without a chip, a dog may not be sold officially. 5. Examination certificate from the vet, 1 day before the puppy transport. 6.  International passport (blue pet passport) for border crossings. 7. Food for at least 4 days 8. If the puppy is 3 months, it will be vaccinated against rabies because it is required and will be registered in Hungary) 9. If a buyer is from abroad, he can of course stay for free for one night. 10. Puppies may only be imported and exported officially throughout Europe from 16 weeks of age. But few countries make an exception !!!  Our breeding animals are genetically tested at - SEQOMICS Biotechnologia Kft in Hungary. Our x-ray examinations are sent to the University of Gießen in Germany. We participate in the research of the at the Hannover School of Veterinary Medicine by donating DNA. Laboklin GmbH in Bad Kissingen also helps us to breed healthy puppies. The heart examinations are taken in Budapest Specialist: Dr. Varga József, ultrasound, cardiologist, color - Doppler - echography of the heart. We can not do more. Our vet lives 80km away from us and the puppies also get used to the car directly at the age of 6 weeks.  Our puppies are bred in the house-WITHOUT kennels. Please do not buy dogs under 600 euros (unfortunately we speak from own experience) these dogs are rarely or not vaccinated or wormed. This usually results in a big hole in your wallet and we are not talking about the emotional aspects yet. That's why we request to ALL puppies / dogs’ buyers - please check where you want to buy your puppy!   Purchase of an Eastern European Shepherd - Am I Ready for an Eastern European Shepherd?  Before thinking of buying a puppy, make sure you are fully prepared for such an add-on to the family. This decision is important because of course you take responsibility for the duration of about 10-15 years. Best discuss with your other family first. Think of the questions of allergy, phobia / anxiety. Are there small children, ..... An Eastern European Shepherd is an imposing appearance who might scare other people. Important questions for family purchase: Is everyone ready to take care of the puppy? Do I have enough time for my new puppy? A puppy takes a lot of time and attention. If you and your partner work all day, then a puppy is probably not the right choice. The matter of time is of course an important consideration when buying a puppy. Of course, a puppy can be alone, but only for a short certain period of time.  Because the East European Shepherd loves his owner to bits, a long separation can quickly lead to problems. So you need to be aware that your new shepherd does not just need a walk in fresh air, but also needs a job to be happy and balanced.  Where with the shepherd on vacation? Pay attention to your puppy when planning your holiday! Are there relatives, neighbours or friends who take care of this time? Or do you take him on vacation? If you take him with you, see if the places you want to visit accept animals too! You can also search for a suitable pension in your area, which takes care of your dog while on holiday or on business.  Resides Another important question you need to make sure is whether you can keep a dog in your home!!! An apartment is not a suitable home for a growing puppy and certainly not for a dog who can eventually weigh up to 50 kg! For example, in a rental house, this is often forbidden by the landlords in the rental agreement. You must always inform the landlord to avoid stress and anger. But if it's your property, you can of course choose yourself. Keep in mind, however, that in the beginning, the new puppy may cause damage to your home appliance. Carpets, cabinets, objects, remotes, glasses and everything at the pupil's eye level are very easy to peel or crank up. Housebroken is also a big theme! Accidents happen and should never be punished !!! Go out on time. Reward the puppy if he has done his need. Puppies often forget what to do outside and suddenly think of it if  they are back home. Sometimes they are just too distracted if they smell or see something interesting, such as a butterfly or a leaf of a tree that flares around. If the accident has happened, you must stay calm and not punish!  Of course, the price of East European Shepherd is also an important criterion. Often one finds different info. But keep in mind: A dog breeder or a family who would like to have a litter once, can be dangerous !!! You are not guaranteed that the parents have met a minimum of health tests or that the pup is properly socialized. Not even if he is purebred, etc. ....... A good breeder who puts his heart and soul, is worth the money in any case. If you want to buy a shepherd, you should not only take into account the costs, but also be able to bear the running costs. The costs are of course higher than when you have a dachshund. A significant part of these costs will obviously be caused by proper dog food. Good liability insurance is extremely important and should not be forgotten. A dog can run over the street and cause an accident or bite the neighbour in a rare case. Also possible dog tax (if you live in the Netherlands, Germany or Austria) However, another cost factor that is also not underestimated is the vet. Regular vaccinations as well as treatments or operations can reach unprecedented heights. Food and care products Basket, water / feeding bowl, but also various toys, kennel for transportation, etc ....  Training The East European Shepherd is a powerful and athletic dog, but with the right training he will never use his strength. Much more important than power is a calm and experienced look. Once you have reached the trust and obedience of your dog, he will always pay attention to you and quickly and with great pleasure to carry out your assignments. A dog school would be recommended in many cases. Not only because an East European Shepherd is a very active dog, but he also needs brain training. If you can not offer it yourself, look for a dog school that understands how to handle such a dog. The first dog school is not always the best choice. Male or bitch? Every pup is different in character. Training and socialization is what it's all about. Of course, there is a difference when you have a bitch in heat and her moods, but a male who can smell those bitches in heat in the neighbourhood and possibly want to hang out the big charm is not to be underestimated. Some male eats almost or not at all if there are some bitches in the neighbourhood in heat, and it seems as if the owner is starving them. Opera arias could therefore occur. Or he can hang in the leash, so it looks like you are only a piece of paper at the end of the leash. If you do not have the patience to raise a puppy, a “shepherd in need” might be a solution! The relationship between dog and owner is much more intense when you had your dog as a puppy than when you have him as an adult.  Nevertheless, a mature dog who is already out of puberty can sometimes fit you better and be a very loyal companion. You'll see that it takes a little bit of thinking before you get a puppy.  Author: X. H. Blem  Owner of dogs and cats must ensure that their animals are allowed social contacts. Dogs must not be left alone for more than 6 hours (older animals or young animals need more often care). Dogs must not be tied outside or in the home on a leash. Boxes / transport baskets may only be used for exhibitions / transports to the veterinarian. Otherwise, the animals are no longer allowed to be „imprisoned“. If an animal owner does not stick to it, he can be displayed and the animal is taken away from him. This is how it is in Sweden.
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