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Dogs and Bitches
Stubby Sox Knight Coeur de Lion *Whiskey* (2nd Place in Puppyclass in Sweden, 6x Very promissing, Baby-Puppy BIS-1 in Hungary, OTK-Spec. Puppy Clubwinner, MTTE-puppy Winner, Best puppy, Hungarian Puppy Champion) Born: 17.02.2017 Weight: Height: Patella: Sire:  Tom Tricks Funny Little Flycatcher *Konrad* (son of Totte: Crufts Winner 2014 ) Mutter: Cacharel Coeur de Lion d‘Hongrie *Cajsa* (Daughter of our Foxi)  Inbreeding: 0% on 5 Generations Pedigree Whiskey is exactly out of the combination I‘ve always wanted!  Eventough I was planning it with his grandmother Foxi and his grandfather Totte.  We were thrilled to hear, when Cacharel was mated to „Konrad“ and hoping for a nice boy.  Now he traveled all the way from Sweden to Hungary and we love him to bits.  Not only because of the bloodlines, but we have something back from our beloved Foxi.  1 Day before departure, he got 2nd in puppyclasse (4-6month) in Sweden at the Cairn Terrier Show.  Awarded and very lovely critics by the judge: mrs. Jane Keeves (Seveek Kennel).  I was over the moon! Glenmore’s Limelight for Sengetova *Ritchie* (17x Cac, 10x CACIB, 2x Res. CAC, 14x BOB, BOS, Int. CH, SKCH., SkGRCH., Srb.CH, HCH, OTK Clubchampion) Born:  10.07. 2010 Height: 31 cm Weight: 9 kg Patella 0 Livershunt tested Sire: NORDCAIRN'S UP-TO-DATE Dam: GLENMORE´S YOU LIGHT MY FIRE Full Pedigree Inbreeding: 1,76% Since 07.02.2014, we could welcome this beautiful dog into our kennel.  We are realy proud and honored that he can stay with us for a while.  We thank Dr. Pavol Seman for his trust. Ritchie produced some very promissing progeny in Slovakia, Czech Republic and already in Hungary.  2 of his daugters live in Sweden and Italy. He is a very lovely boy and loves to be hugged.  He is also the other grandfather of Whiskey. Barry od Bosorky (Pepsi) (JCAC, 12x CAC, Res. CAC, 5xCACIB, 10x BOB, BOS, HCH, Int. Ch., Malta Ch.) Born: 20.10.2011 Weight: 10 kg Height: 32 cm Full teeth Patella 0/1 Tested for eyediseases Sire: Deister Cairns now or Never Dam: Nikkita Vážská kaskáda Full pedigree 5 Generations: 0,42% Inbreeding - 95,16% Ancestor loss coefficient We have imported Pepsi from Slovakia. He sired 2 litters till now.  One of his daughters is doing very well at shows in Romania When he walks in the ring, he looks like a conqueror. He has the charming attitude of a bulldozer: „get out of the way, here I come” :)  Judges always make compliments about his proud attitude and his coatquality. He is the best daddy and stepdaddy in the world.  Puppies are fond of him.  He is also the loudest of the pack.  In April 2015 he got his last CAC wich makes him Hungarian Champion.  Pepsi lives in Malta for the moment and started his showcareer there with: 2x Ex1, 2xCAC, 2x BOB in Sicilia (I) and Ex3, 3CAC, 2x CACIB and BOB in Malta wich made him Malta Champion and he also became Int. Champion.                                                                Bitches: Anice Ascon Bohemia *ChaCha* (7xJCAC, OTK Junior Club Winner, 6xCAC, 2x CACIB, 9x BOB, 2x BOS, MYTE-Club BOB, HJCH, Junior BIS1) born: 02.06.2015 Height: 30 cm Weight: 9 Patella: 0/0 Eyes tested Livershunt tested Sire: Mac Clouds Eight Days a Week Dam: Chloe Hoity-Toity Gang Pedigree Inbreeding for 5 Generations: 0 %  ChaCha is full of life, loves to gives kisses and knows already some tricks thanks to her breeder Vera.   her movements are outstanding and she knows how to present herself when in the ring.  She is friendly to everyone, but also headstrong and as lots of Cairns, stubborn. Coeur de Lion D’Hongrie Enya (OTK Baby Clubchampion, 5x Ex.1, 5x JCAC, 4xCAC,  6xBOB, JBOB,  Spec. Junior Winner, HTTKE, Club-Winnerf, HJCH, SrbJCh, OTK-Spec. Club Winner, MTTE-Club Winner) Born: 05.12.2015 Height: 29 cm Weight: 7,5 Kg Patella: 0/0 2x P1 is missing Sire: Glenmore’s Limelight for Sengetova (siehe oben) Dam: Dunvegan Castle Abbie (Siehe oben) Pedigree Inbreeding for 5 Generations: 1,38 % Enya was the only girl in our E-litter and stayed with us.  She grows up with her parents and a large pack of Great Danes and East European Shepherds.  She believes to be as big as the others and plays with full body exertion.  In April 2016 she became Hung. Junior Champion and got her breedingliscence also!  In May 2016 she became Serb Junior Champion also.  On January 22th 2017, Our Enya became the mother of our I-Litter.   Dunvegan Castle Abbie

(9x Excl.1, 3x JCAC, 9xCAC, 2xCACIB, 1x Res.CACIB, 3x BOB, BOS, HJCH, HCH, Srb.CH)

born: 05.06.2012 Height: 30 cm Weight: 8,4 kg Patella: 0/1 Tested for eyediseases Livershunt free Sire: Tribuns You’re on the line Wilson Dam: I’m Sofhia Loren Minagro Full Pedigree Inbreeding: 2,04% She is the mother of our E and G-litter.  She has an excellent coat, head, angulation, bones, etc.  Abbie already prooved to be a good “step”mother and aunt, as at the age of only 5 months!!!   She nursed our Great Dane puppies.  She cleaned, tried to feed and slept together with them. She loves to “talk”.  She also keeps the puppies bussy when the other mothers are fed up with them for a while. Became SERBIAN CHAMPION in Subotica  at the 24-05-2015 and on 30-05-2015 she became HUNGARIAN CHAMPION Viharsarok szépe Baba (2x JCAC, 3x CAC, Res. CACIB, 2x BOB) Born: 09.05.2011      died: 29.06.2015 Height: 30 cm Weight: 8,4 Kg Full teeth! Patella:1 Tested for eyediseases Livershunt free Sire: Uno zo Sengentova Dam: Mikrokoszmos Fotka Full pedigree 5 Generations: 2,54 % Inbreeding - 87,1% Ancestor loss coefficient Foxi, as we call her, is the mother of our C-litter.  She was mated to Glenmore’s Limelight for Sengetova.  This litter was very promising!  Her children live in Romania, Italy, Sweden and Hungary.  She is a very good mother.  When she was younger she was not very fond of going to shows, so we gave her time to mature and tried 1,5 years later with very good results!
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